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CRP II: Creating a Recognition Culture

Total Credits: 0.6 CRP

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CRP II – Creating a Recognition Culture
Creating a Recognition Culture focuses on the underpinning theories of motivation and appreciation, cultural consideration, landscape of the industry and recognition systems and trends. Participants gain exposure to roles of recognition, engagement linkage, regulatory things to know, and the ABC’s of motivational theory. Participants also become familiar with corporate culture definitions, components, and theory, recognition system methodology, embedding recognition, and current trends including gamification and social recognition.

When you finish CRP II, you will be able to:

  • Identify key motivational theories
  •  Define key cultural components
  • Identify key recognition systems, trends and timeline
  • Describe emerging motivational theory
  • Identify three culture theories
  • Define values and behaviors linked to the various cultural models
  • Identify leaders’ behavior to embed culture
  • Distinguish between a recognition program and a system