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CRP IV: Designing and Implementing Recognition Programs

Total Credits: 0.6 CRP

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CRP IV – Designing and Implementing Recognition Programs
Designing and Implementing Recognition Programs brings all the information together from the first three courses and covers designing the recognition program, evaluating progress made toward the goals and making needed changes. Participants gain exposure to program design in the areas of: organizational structure, demographics, three levels of recognition, generations, communications, training, outsourcing considerations, negotiation, challenges of multi-site recognition implementation, and event and celebration planning. Participants also become familiar with the natural life-cycle stages of recognition programs, program evaluation, and change strategies to apply for any redesign.

When you finish CRP IV, you will be able to:

  • Include appropriate program elements into your program design.
  • Define a framework for day-to-day, informal and formal nomination and selection.
  • List key success factors for successful events and celebrations.
  • Develop a communication plan for designated stakeholders.
  • Create a training plan which may stand alone or be incorporated into other training opportunities.
  • Review how to work with providers in contract administration and customer support.
  • Define assessment tools and frequency.
  • Build change and flexibility into your programs.