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CRP I: Structuring Recognition Programs for Success

Total Credits: 0.6 CRP

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CRP I – Structuring Recognition Systems
Participants will receive a foundational understanding of recognition-related definitions, will learn why recognition is important, and will be introduced to survey trend data. This module encompasses the seven RPI Best Practice Standards®, which are as follows: 

  1. Recognition Strategy
  2. Management Responsibility
  3. Recognition Program Measurement
  4. Communication Plan
  5. Recognition Training
  6. Recognition Events and Celebrations
  7. Program Change and Flexibility

Relevant activities and real-world examples combine with instructor expertise, the latest research, and established theory to introduce course participants to the methodologies and tools that support these standards. It provides a framework for building successful recognition systems, shows participants how to measure system success, and how to make adjustments.

When you finish CRP I, you will be able to:

  • List and describe the seven RPI Best Practice Standards®
  • Distinguish the difference between recognition, award, reward, and incentive
  • Develop strategies for both new programs and performance improvement in any current programs
  • Align recognition strategies to business/organization objectives
  • Link Recognition Strategy to organizational vision, mission, and values
  • Identify potential measurements for specific recognition strategies
  • Describe internal branding and how it can benefit a recognition program
  • Identify potential recognition-related learning objectives, audiences, messages, and training platforms
  • Recognize potential training content from the case studies and materials
  • Identify audiences, stakeholders and components that contribute to successful events