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Cultural Change: Peer-to-Peer Recognition

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Presented by Dan Stern, CRP, Program Director for Compensation Engagement Platforms at BAE Systems, Inc.

Congratulations, you stood up your recognition program and you have leadership and management buy in! What’s next? Building peer to peer recognition is a foundation to creating a truly engaged culture at your organization. Social recognition is engrained in our US culture and receiving feedback from those individuals with whom you work closest is at times more gratifying than accolades from management.

About the Presenter

Dan Stern

Dan has a passion for designing platforms and creating the analytics to increase employee engagement. Dan draws from his experience in human resources across all the functional areas at BAE Systems, Inc. Since the launch of the program in 2014, utilization has grown by over 600%. Dan joined the board for Recognition Professionals International in January. He currently serves as program director for engagement programs where he works with incentive representatives across his organization to design and create employee engagement strategies that align with the employees’ and the organizations’ goals and needs.