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Get the Facts - Let's Talk Rewards! - On Demand

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Mark Smith
21 Minutes
Audio and Video


It’s budget season. You are either considering launching your first Incentive and Recognition program in 2022, or you are looking to improve or replace an existing one.

You’re doing this because you want the best for your employees of course. And, that’s a noble sentiment.

Maybe you have an idea of the types of rewards they want? Rather than jumping to conclusions, we are suggesting that you take a step back and consider the facts. During this webinar, you will learn why it is time to reconsider your rewards. Join us for a conversation with rewards design expert, Mark Smith, from One10. Mark will:

  • Show you real data on reward redemption by industry
  • Talk about common mistakes when it comes to designing reward programs
  • Give you the facts on why “reward choice” is your best bet to achieving your goals


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Senior Director, Rewards