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How Did We Get Employee Motivation so Horribly Wrong?

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2020 Virtual Conference Bundle
Paul Herr
57 Minutes
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How did we arrive at a world where: 1) only 30% of employees care about their work, 2) half of us will suffer from a mental illness, and 3) crime and drug abuse are rampant? Much of the blame can be placed at the feet of a small group of engineers who cobbled together a concept called "scientific management" 100 years ago. The speaker will expose "scientific" management for what it is; a demeaning, un-scientific, inefficient system that fails to tap into the power and energy of the human spirit.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain a fundamental flaw in the capitalist system; a complete misunderstanding of human motivation.
  2. Provide a greater appreciation for the elegant motivational "engine" and hums or sputters inside all organizations.
  3. Explain how to bring out the best in people by activating the motivational "cylinders" described in the Harvard 4-drive model.




Paul Herr's Profile

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Researchers at the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) and Maritz discovered Paul's book, Primal Management, and his five-drive model of employee motivation six years ago. They noticed that Herr's approach was very similar to the popular 4-drive model developed by the Harvard Professors, Nitin Nohria, the current dean of the Harvard Business School, and Paul Lawrence, and organizational behavior pioneer. Since then, Paul has: written a research report on behavioral science for the IRF, spoken at an Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA) event in Chicago, and marketed his Horsepower System™ employee-engagement software to prominent companies in the incentive, reward and recognition industry. It is the only human-performance software based on the Harvard 4-drive model.