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How to Get Senior Leader “Buy-In” for Recognition

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Mr Roy Saunderson CRP, MA
43 Minutes
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Learn how to get your senior leader’s commitment for implementing recognition and reward programs. Remember, commitment is always personal, whereas “Buy-In” is strictly financial. Author and recognition strategist, Roy Saunderson, will share with you all he has learned from speaking directly with corporate leaders on what it takes to earn a senior leader’s commitment for recognition and rewards. And while we all know we want them to sign on the dotted line for budget approval, Roy will take you behind the scenes on how to get their total commitment first.

Following this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Identify the essentials steps needed to earn any senior leader’s commitment for your recognition and rewards initiatives
  • List 3 major things to avoid if you really want to get a corporate leader’s support for any new or ongoing financial commitment
  • Select one principle and a corresponding action you will commit to doing the next time you need to gain a senior leader’s commitmen



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Chief Learning Officer


Roy Saunderson is the Chief Learning Officer and recognition strategist at Rideau Recognition Solutions. He’s the author of Practicing Recognition: How to give meaningful recognition to people every day as well as Giving the Real Recognition Way. Roy is a regular contributor to Training Magazine and Incentive Magazine, and was chosen as one of the 25 most influential people in the incentive industry in 2017. Roy consults and educates leaders and staff in companies, governments, and associations around the world, on recognition practices, strategy, and programs in the workplace, helping them to give real recognition the right way wherever they work.