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How to Structure Your Wellbeing Program to Drive Culture and Engagement

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Steven Day
51 Minutes
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Below is a high level overview of this presentation:

  1. Reframing Wellbeing Programs as initiatives that both define and require great culture
  2. Traditional wellbeing programs fall short
  3. Traditional wellbeing incentive models often do more harm than good
  4. The corporate wellbeing field is stronger and more relevant than ever, and the widely accepted philosophies within the industry are shifting
  5. How rewards and recognition fit into the wellbeing conversation


Steven Day's Profile

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Director of Wellbeing Solutions

OC Tanner

Steven Day is the Director of Wellbeing Solutions at O.C. Tanner. His career began in employee benefits and community health promotion where he learned the powerful effect that the workplace has on individual health and happiness. Steven has 12 years of experience in the corporate benefits and employee wellness industry and has consulted with companies of all sizes. He is a Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES) and a Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist (CWWS).