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I See You: Appreciating Diversity

Total Credits: 1 Contact Hours

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2020 Virtual Conference Bundle
Tommy Lee Hayes-Brown |  Max Brown
47 Minutes
Audio and Video


Recent national events require more conversations. Warning: This isn't your corporate diversity training session of years gone by. Tommy Lee Hayes Brown and Max Brown, brothers from another mother (note: we're good friends who happen to share a very cool last name) are going to dive in to discuss their respective life perspectives on race and diversity. We're just two perspectives and we don't attempt to stereotype or represent all perspectives here, but we hope that these discussions will give others courage to engage and get to know one another better. In order to make things better, we all have to be part of the change. Let us begin with better conversations!

Learning Objectives

  1. Appreciate: Gain a new perspective as we share our experiences.
  2. Apply: Practice new ways to engage in conversations on hard topics.
  3. Act: Learn ways you can engage and be part of the change we all aspire to see!


Tommy Lee Hayes-Brown's Profile

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Tommy Lee is a 20-year marketing and sales veteran who uses strategic talent management to get organizational results. He is a diversity, employee engagement, and community thought leader with a friendly networking style that has led to a wide variety of friends and professional associates. He is an effective communicator with the ability to translate mission, vision and values into a compelling story that motivates internal staff, current customers and prospective clients. 

Max Brown's Profile

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Max is a managing partner at the Institute for Enterprise Excellence (IEX). As a speaker, leadership coach and trusted partner, Max works with dozens of global organizations to create scalable, sustainable and meaningful results. Previously, as the Director of Education at the Shingo Institute, Max designed the foundational courses and certified the first fifty global licensed affiliates.