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Inspiring Through Compassionate Leadership

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2020 Virtual Conference Bundle
Brad Shuck |  Amy Stern
52 Minutes
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Brad Shuck's Profile

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University of Louisville

Dr. Brad Shuck is an internationally recognized scholar and thought-leader in the areas of employee engagement, leadership development, and wellness. He is the author of Employee Engagement: A Research Overview (Routledge, 2020) and has published more than 260 scholarly articles, books chapters, and presentations. Shuck is routinely featured in US-based international media outlets including Forbes, The Washington Post, and TIME, as well as international outlets such as Business World Online, India’s Economic Times, and the Hindu Times. Shuck is a tenured Associate Professor in the Human Resource and Organizational Development program at the University of Louisville and a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels. Shuck holds advanced degrees in Counseling, Student Affairs, Human Resource Development, and Adult Education. Shuck was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune a few years back, is a semi-professional drummer, and has been married to his wife for seventeen years. Shuck lives with his wife and daughter in rural Kentucky.

Amy Stern's Profile

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Amy Stern, Director of Employee Engagement Research, BI WORLDWIDE. Amy Stern’s deep understanding of experimental psychology allows her to combine critical thinking and creativity to create custom research that uniquely solves clients’ business questions. She advises companies on how to create a happy workforce, identifying what is important to employees even if they cannot quite put a finger on it themselves. Her research has resulted in peer-reviewed publications, invited lectures, research awards and faculty positions at two universities.