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Same Investment, Higher Returns: Re-architecting Your Total Rewards Budget to Drive Employee Connection

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2020 Virtual Conference Bundle
Corinne Selk CRP
34 Minutes
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In a matter of weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has radically transformed our work and personal lives. Traditional incentives such as annual bonuses are no longer enough to keep employees inspired. To boost engagement, organizations need a year-round rewards strategy that will help create long-term emotional connections with their employees. This session will highlight the impact of gratitude in these times of uncertainty, and the ROI of carving out an employee recognition budget from your total rewards pie.

Learning Objectives

  1. Why companies should reward people more frequently throughout the year and the key factors to keep in mind for crafting a recognition and rewards program that can help boost morale and deepen connections, while maximizing ROI.
  2. How crowdsourced pay has the power to help build a strong employer brand, boost employee happiness, and drive employee performance.
  3. How to find the budget for a program that rewards employees for their performance throughout the year and how to overcome internal obstacles around new approaches to slicing up the total rewards pie.



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Senior Solutions Consultant


Corinne Selk has been working with Workhuman as a solutions consultant for three years. A recognition solution expert and advisor, she passionately conceptualizes, communicates, and demonstrates how Strategic Recognition and making work more 'human' can drive a company's business performance and key people metrics. Corinne combines her 20 years of business and HR experience to assist companies with delivering recognition solutions that create positive employee experiences, increased engagement and retention, and stronger cultures.