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The Science and Math of Recognition

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From study to study, satisfaction with recognition is consistently and highly correlated with overall employee engagement, and therefore a key indicator of employee productivity and loyalty. But why can recognition experiences, programs and practices have this type of impact? New insights from human science shed light on why recognition can be so motivating and rewarding, and drive behavior. We will review science and experience-based insights into how Recognition can be more than just a ‘thanks’, but a powerful cultural, leadership and development tool. The webinar will specifically cover:

  • Insights from the science of human motivation
  • How science explains the impact of recognition on individuals and business
  • How we can create more powerful recognition practices
  • How we can design more impactful recognition and reward programs
  • Simple methods to value the return on investing in reward and recognition

Speaker: Michelle Pokorny, CRP and Solution VP Employee Engagement and Recognition, Maritz Motivation Solutions

In her current role, Michelle ensures Maritz has the tools, insights and resources to create impactful employee recognition experiences that create mutual benefit for employees and organizations. With nearly 14 years of experience at Maritz, she’s been a student and teacher in the art and science behind effective people solutions. Michelle’s background is a unique blend of sales, marketing, and motivation solution expertise. She has applied these practices across an extensive range of industries for Maritz and in previous roles with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and what is now Verizon Wireless. Michelle received her Master of Science in Marketing at Texas A&M, is a Certified Recognition Professional and is active in The Maritz Institute, which serves as a bridge between the human sciences and Maritz’ solutions, helping to create better business for clients and better lives for the people they touch.

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