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What Defines an Employee-Centric Manager? - On Demand

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Dr. Jack Wiley
1 Hour 46 Minutes
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The working world has changed drastically over the past two and a half years. Organizations and managers had to quickly adapt their management approach, strategies, processes and ideas to work within a remote environment.

People management skills have a profound influence on employee engagement, performance, and retention. However, most people managers receive little or no training in people management. While there are many theories of managerial effectiveness, none of them are based on the employee's voice and what they want most from their immediate manager.

After a decade-long investigation, Dr. Jack Wiley has uncovered the attributes that define the employee-centric manager. It boils down to five key behaviors, one skill and two personal values. Managers who display these attributes enjoy the greatest success and career growth. Join Dr Wiley as he shares his latest research documented in his new book, The Employee-Centric Manager, and highlights what employees are looking for from their managers.


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