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What Can Higher Education Teach Your Company about Recognition?

Total Credits: 1 Contact Hours

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Mrs. Brenda Naegel CRP |  Iryna Leonova, CRP |  Ms. Cori Champagne
1 Hour
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Learn from three colleges how to build, promote, and measure a recognition program – and how to navigate the challenges along the way! They will share their expertise on the Recognition “lifecycle” – from building a program in-house, to including a diverse workforce, measuring impact, and evaluating results. For-profit companies and higher education professionals will find helpful information, best practices, and creative solutions in this upbeat panel discussion.

  • Increase participants’ awareness of ways to initiate a recognition program.
  • Enhance understanding of including a diverse workforce. 
  • Illustrate ways that data analytics can reinforce program goals and create new outcomes.
  • Discover ways to evaluate program success and initiate changes.



Mrs. Brenda Naegel CRP's Profile

Mrs. Brenda Naegel CRP Related Seminars and Products

Director, Recognition and Engagement

Yale University, Internal Communications

Iryna Leonova, CRP's Profile

Iryna Leonova, CRP Related Seminars and Products

University of Calgary

Iryna Leonova, Advisor for recognition at the University of Calgary, is passionate about utilizing scientific methods in HR work to identify reliable metrics, measure progress, and predict future trends. Iryna holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in genetics and cytology and a Ph.D. in biochemistry. After switching her career focus from Science to Human Resources several years ago, Iryna has worked in both private and public sector. She graduated from the HR Management Certificate program offered by the University of Calgary and earned the Certified Recognition Professional (CRP) designation from Recognition Professionals International. As a testament to her work on developing and implementing recognition metrics for the University of Calgary’s recognition strategy implementation, Iryna was awarded the university’s “U Make a Difference” employee award in the category of Innovation and Curiosity in 2017. In 2018, she co-presented at the HR Undefined Conference (CPHR, Alberta) and Annual RPI Conference (Nashville, USA).


Ms. Cori Champagne's Profile

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Recognition Program Administrator


Cori Champagne is the Recognition Program Administrator for MIT’s employee recognition program, serving over 12,000 employees at the Institute. Started in 2001 as a way to recognize staff contributions, the program has become a model for other higher education institutions and for-profit companies. MIT's program is the 2016 recipient of RPI’s Best Overall Recognition Program Award, and Cori is the 2019 recipient of the RPI Harkins Educational Award.