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David Zinger

Founder and Leadership Coach

Employee Engagement Network

David Zinger connects the strength of one with the power of many as an engagement educator, speaker, coach, and consultant. He founded and hosts the global 7500-member Employee Engagement Network. David fuses a down-to-earth Canadian prairie upbringing with a global reach. He has worked on engagement in Thailand, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Canada, United States, Poland, Wales, Turkey, Qatar, Germany, UAE, England, India, Spain, Singapore, and South Africa.

David is a prolific author. He wrote 4 books on leadership, work, and engagement. His last book, co-authored with Peter Hart, was People Artists: Drawing Out the Best From Others at Work. David wrote over 3000 blog posts on work, engagement, management, and leadership.

<>David knows work and organizations from the inside out. He worked 15 years as the employee assistance counselor and career development coach at Seagram, Ltd. Today we would call his work: employee engagement counsellor and coach. This plant site was the global maker of Crown Royal and David was instrumental in fostering personal and career engagement for this organization. In addition, David taught Education and Counselling Psychology at the University of Manitoba for 25 years.


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Virtual Conference
Virtual Conference

RPI 2019 Virtual Conference

Amy Hurley, LSW, CRP |  Dr. Brad Shuck |  Chester Elton |  David Zinger |  George Delta |  R Scott Russell, CRP, CEP |  Dr. Vicki Hargrove, CRP
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Tremendous Value, No Travel: The RPI Virtual Conference on October 2 features five keynote presentations from thought leaders/experts, online networking with other attendees, discussion board prior to...

Wed, Oct 02, 2019 - 08:00a CDT

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