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Laura Hudson

Directory of Marketing

Bright Line Eating

Known professionally as The Bald Marketer, Laura Hudson is the founder of The Best Agency, in Charlotte, NC and is the Director of Marketing for Bright Line Eating. Laura is a true story teller. She travels performing speaking engagements at non-profit events, Universities, and conferences incorporating both life and comedy into her events. Laura released her first book, World Changer’s Guide, in the Spring of 2017. She is currently working on her second book, Finding Happy (In Just One Sleep).

Something that usually surprises people when they meet Laura is that she is bald! She has Alopecia and lost all her hair when she was 9 years old. She takes pride in being an advocate for the Children’s Alopecia Project and genuinely loves people. She “never meets a stranger.”

Professionally, she is always striving for new and better things. She loves to watch magic happen within a team, and has a motto: a good idea is a good idea—it doesn’t have to be hers. Applying that motto has allowed her to witness ordinary folks do extraordinary things.

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Finding Happy at Work

Laura Hudson
55 Minutes
Audio and Video
Short Description:
How did Laura Hudson go from being tormented daily as a child by bullies and hiding behind a wig afraid to look up from the floor to a woman who is unapologetically herself and always sharing the joy ...
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