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Paul Herr

Researchers at the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) and Maritz discovered Paul's book, Primal Management, and his five-drive model of employee motivation six years ago. They noticed that Herr's approach was very similar to the popular 4-drive model developed by the Harvard Professors, Nitin Nohria, the current dean of the Harvard Business School, and Paul Lawrence, and organizational behavior pioneer. Since then, Paul has: written a research report on behavioral science for the IRF, spoken at an Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA) event in Chicago, and marketed his Horsepower System™ employee-engagement software to prominent companies in the incentive, reward and recognition industry. It is the only human-performance software based on the Harvard 4-drive model.

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2020 Virtual Conference Bundle
Paul Herr
57 Minutes
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How did we arrive at a world where: 1) only 30% of employees care about their work, 2) half of us will suffer from a mental illness, and 3) crime and drug abuse are rampant? Much of the blame can be p...
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