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Dr. Vicki Hargrove CRP

Hargrove Business Consulting

Dr. Vicki Hargrove is a seasoned professional with a high level of energy and desire to over deliver on agreed upon outcomes. She relates to those in the C-suite and to the hourly employees and has a proven record of success in the areas of employee recognition and engagement, leadership development, performance management, innovation program design and execution and change management.

She has demonstrated her knowledge and expertise by attending and presenting to seminars, conferences and professional associations including: MN Innovators, MN OD Network, Association for Internal Consultants, Conference Board, Innovation Convergence and more.

Dr. Hargrove’s Cargill career of over 27 years included extensive experience in the HR area (HR Generalist, Training Director, Performance Management, and Engagement Consultant). Her thought leadership as an internal business consultant for Cargill’s 60+ global businesses was demonstrated in the areas of change management, leadership development, recognition and innovation.

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Virtual Conference
Virtual Conference

RPI 2019 Virtual Conference

Amy Hurley, LSW, CRP |  Dr. Brad Shuck |  Chester Elton |  David Zinger |  George Delta |  R Scott Russell, CRP, CEP |  Dr. Vicki Hargrove, CRP
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Tremendous Value, No Travel: The RPI Virtual Conference on October 2 features five keynote presentations from thought leaders/experts, online networking with other attendees, discussion board prior to...

Wed, Oct 02, 2019 - 08:00a CDT

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